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About Carolyn Capuano

My name is Carolyn Capuano, however, I'm known to most of my students as simply "Mrs. Cap".   I teach Middle School (Grades 6, 7, 8) music and High School Choir, Music Theory, and Music Appreciation at Smithville School.  My husband, Joe, and I live beside a beautiful creek up on Blue Bouncer Mountain just north of Smithville.  I love to teach music, play the piano and I love to cook and FISH!!! 

Teaching Experiences:

1993 - 1996  Holly Creek & Lukfata Public Schools...K - 8th Music

1996 - 2000  Broken Bow Public Schools ... 1st & 2nd Gr. Music and Middle School Music

2000 - Present   Smithville Public School... Middle School & High School Music

Carolyn Capuano

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