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All-State Auditions

All-State Chorus Auditions


1st Round OMEA High School All-State Auditions (for grades 10 - 12)  will be held at McAlester High School on Saturday, October 31st.  Students trying out for High School All-State are required to learn 4 pieces of music which they will have in their Audition Music packet.  We will work on the pieces in class and they will also need to practice on their own with their practice CDs.

Students that score high enough on the 1st Round will advance to 2nd Round Auditions which are held at UCO in Edmond, OK on Saturday, November 14th.  Only 200 High School music students from the entire state of Oklahoma are selected to the OMEA All-State Chorus and it is an amazing HONOR to make it and get to participate in the All-State Festival.  The Festival takes place in Tulsa on January 20 - 23, 2016. 



1st Round OCDA Junior High All-State Auditions (for Soprano & Alto voices in Grades 7, 8, 9) will be held at McAlester High School on Saturday, October 31st.  Students who score high enough will advance to the 2nd Round Auditions, along with the Tenors & Basses trying out on November 17th in Oklahoma City.  Students who are selected for the Junior High All-State Chorus will participate in a three day Festival, which is held in Oklahoma City on January 7, 8, 9, 2016.  Students are required to learn all 3 pieces of music in their Audition Packet and will be given a PRACTICE CD to practice with at home.   


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